Online manual

Span Disc

Available in Premium and Professional editions.

This tool allows you to add and burn files across multiple discs.

To burn discs, proceed as follows:
1. Click on the Span Disc icon in the Main Window. The project layout will be displayed in separate window.

2. Click on the Add Files button, to select files and folders you want to burn on the disc, or simply drag files and folders from Windows Explorer.

3. Click on the Burn button, to start a recording process.
- After the disc will be written user will be prompted to insert another blank disc.


Finalize disc closes the disc and no additional data or audio can be written to the disc after finalizing it.

Verify data on disc after burning checks whether the files have been written correctly. In multisession compilations, BurnAware checks only those files which were written during the most recent burning process and ignores all other files.

Buffer underrun protection allows compact disc recording to automatically stop in the event of an unplanned interruption and then to resume recording.

Use optimum power calibration checks the proper writing power and reflection of the media in use, calculating the optimum laser power and adjusting it for writing the particular session.